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A wonderful pond, a perfect life

Who wouldn't want to have a gorgeous pond next to their home? Know that you are really lucky.
There will be a magnificent lake in the middle of Limonlu Bahçe Konakları.
You can have a picnic or go for a walk around this lake.
We are very sure that you will have a pleasant time with your loved ones at Limonlu Bahçe Konakları.

The green of Limonlu Bahçe Konakları versus the gray of Istanbul

Istanbul, whose silhouette has changed due to vertical architectures, unfortunately lost its old green areas.
That's why the green areas you miss will be waiting for you in Limonlu Bahçe Konakları with 80% landscape area.

Shopping is within your arm’s reach at Limonlu Bahçe Konakları

You no longer need to leave your home and go far for shopping.
Because there is nothing you can't find in the BaşÇarşı of Limonlu Bahçe Konakları.
General store, organic greengrocer, herbalist, fisherman, butcher or patisserie, whatever you need, will be waiting for you at your doorstep.

Pleasure and comfort together in social areas

Who does not want to meet many of their needs without moving away from the housing estate where they live? For example, do you want to do sports? You don't need to go out.
Sports facilities in Limonlu Bahçe Konakları are waiting for you and your family.
Will you shop? General store, butcher, greengrocer, everything you are looking for is at your doorstep, in the BaşÇarşı.
In addition, the first choice of everyone who wants to have pleasant moments with its cafes and restaurants will be Limonlu Bahçe Konakları.

2+1 Apartment

Limonlu Bahçe Konakları’ 2+1 apartments with a gross area of 120 m2 are the address of those who live their lives in the best way with their modern interior and exterior design. Designed according to the latest trends in architecture, 2+1 apartments will open the doors of a completely different life to you, with details that will increase your living comfort.

3+1 Apartment

While the 3+1 apartments of Limonlu Bahçe Konakları, with a gross area of 178 m2, were built with a young and dynamic perspective, all spatial functions that provide family warmth were also taken into consideration. With its spatial solutions and modern architecture, 3+1 apartments of Limonlu Bahçe Konakları will be an integral part of a happy and comfortable life.

4+1 Apartment

The 4+1 apartments of Limonlu Bahçe Konakları with a gross area of 251 m2 are modern living spaces built to offer comfort and elegance at the same time. While increasing your quality of life, the apartments will offer you a privileged life with new memories you will collect.

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